Bad Things

Anthony Repetto
2 min readFeb 11, 2024

~ the future of warfare is NOPE ~

but bigger…

Twenty-thousand young men are strapped to chairs, rubbery caps covered in sensors draped over their shaved heads, as they watch and listen to unending horrors. This is how the next kind of weapon is built.

Electro-Encephalographs (E.E.G.s) are able to capture a blurry picture of your brain activity, *without* wires in you or surgery! That distorted surface-wave of electro-magnetism is still good enough that Artificial Intelligence can *regenerate* a video that you are watching, using ONLY that EEG scan. If you watch a video of a Parrot Fish swimming, then the Ai reconstructs a video of a Parrot Fish swimming — not exactly the same, but good enough for government work! Literally:

Soldiers, contractors, volunteers, all paid well, will be fitted with those EEGs and shown Ai-generated images and videos, sounds. The Ai is receiving a *reward*, to *learn* the best combination of stimuli… for causing a paralytic fear in the volunteer. The Ai learns to ‘Nope’ humans.

This robot-technology is NOT designed to defeat OTHER robots on the battlefield; it is specifically targeting the *human* fear-responses, to flush people out of locations. This is the future of Urban Warfare. Once we know what works for 70% of the population, we have a reliable and cost-effective weapon for *disarming* human opponents. Imagine:

You hear the sirens, worrying about another missile barrage — yet, there are gliding, serpentine robots writhing through the sky like eels, instead! One lands on the side of your apartment building, skittering to your window, and bashing it, crawling inside along the ceiling with vicious-looking hooks, its whole body stinking horrifically, while it drools ichor and screeches, chittering and gurgling, wailing in many voices at once… a DEMON. And, as you stand paralyzed in fear, its jaws un-hinge, to engulf you and press your body into its zip-sack, a prisoner of war, while gasses are released inside to paralyze and anesthetize you for later. Where will *you* be in five years?

Sweet dreams!