Compress Movies into Nothing

okay, quick jot before I go back to the notepad…still scribbling this one out, unsure why no one seems to have thought of it. To compress large files that you don’t plan on modifying (movies, music, photos, medical records, gov’t and biz, scientific data) you do a few simple things: first, treat the data as a long ‘page’ — in a film, for example, this is the rasterized pixel’s red, green, blue intensities, with each ‘line’ on the page being the width of the movie screen, in pixels’ bits. The columns of this page are each a distinct ‘Output Channel.’ The rows of this page are each a consecutive ‘Time Stamp.’ Why call them that? Step two is why: you look for a Circuit Board Design which, when fed ‘0000’ as inputs, will output the first row of your ‘page’ of binary data; feeding-in ‘0001’ gets you the second row of data, etc. Each column, therefore, can be imagined as a particular wire coming out of a circuit — same column, same wire, for all rows. That’s the Output Channel. And, by beginning our input at ‘0000’ and adding 1 at a time, we slowly cycle through all of the data that is compressed as a circuit — that’s the Time Stamp. You just need to find the circuit which generates all those columns of bits at their appropriate rows… working on that part. See, the biggest benefits come from knitting all those Output Channels’ appropriate logic gates in harmony, feeding each other at appropriate points such that they overlap their computational demands. It’ll also make the output stream faster. Considering how little compression we get from most methods, I am tentatively hopeful. More importantly, because you can jump to any Time Stamp, you can actually stream the movie without unzipping it! You just see each frame, generated on-demand by the circuit. Open all those photo albums, see their thumbnail shots, etc., without ever taking up space! Hold hundreds of movies on your phone, without internet! You can even scroll through once, linear-time, and make hash-tags for each Time Stamp’s relevant qualities, to quickly query. Yeah, way better. I’ll keep you updated!

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