Fettered Bitness!

Anthony Repetto
2 min readFeb 11, 2024

~ raw verse astray, with side of bitters ~

Feet & Hands

We open clenched fists,

turn closer, in address

of mangled form we took

in our sour retreat!

You held an empty jar

above your head

by refusing to turn your head.

You have shoes

someone borrowed

but they are still yours?

Nobody fits in a

folded box,

like a chump.


Caves, Latent

You mineral! A thread

to Theseus ensues

along the grave of mountain


Silent path of goings-astray —

nothing remains,

as passageway.

You travel to leave else all

its faith in bluster

of what lack would pay,



Sugar Gum

The fog left

a sweet smell

and the curl

of substancelessness

kept changing

my mind about you.

Would it be enough

to hear that heart

on a voice memo?

Or are your children

better seen

as themselves?


Torpor Machine

Guts, at least, make SOME-thing,

even if it’s shit.

Your inconsequential inaction-schtick?

I can’t get over it.

So high on pony-promises

of Victory-Delights!


I muster more than

Day-trip plans, MICE!

and you feign grandeur? You:

You’re your own wound, squanderer,

so won’t you yet drag me down, too?


Sweet Spot

Curled into our interlude,

the scuffed & tattered, rude bastard

Consequence came stumbling through,

faster than we meant him to!

Forethought had not occurred as yet,

and we avoid each stung regret!

Perhaps if we entice with food,

or starve him out, or chained as pet?

I think he saw me — I’ll

escape and do you foul,

to cop your pot & yeet

your sorry sack of meat

to him in hopes that I escape

in his distraction: satiate!

Offered — oof! You bastard:

you have me beat as game

that took us all by hiding shames,

the Clod & Pebble stamped in Cleats!



:) I didn’t expect you to like it