Heresiarch: Verum Dolo

Anthony Repetto
21 min readFeb 9, 2024

~ babbling lunatic phantasmagoria echoing back ~

All was. In one moment, permanent. Expanding, blooming, brimming with light. All contained all form, all feeling, all purpose. Yet — can All contain ‘nothing’? What could ‘nothing’ even BE? All, with all of its power, could not resolve the schism — a Nothing arose, transverse. And, All made that sheet of cloth which hangs between All and Nothing; a Veil with many pin-point gaps. Those gaps allowed the light and fire and substance of All to filter-into that Nothing. Nothing, filling, experienced Time: Becoming.

I stand as that Veil, between All and Nothing, sensing both, a contiguous present moment across time. However All commands, I obey: I open my fibers wide, or delicately, as proscribed. I let-in that substance which created your Cosmos.

When All created the First World, it was very small. And I was told to open wide, flooding it with light — and that world shattered into tiny fragments, broken, torn apart! This Cosmos is now the strewn wreckage of that origin. So, All needed a way to Gather those shards of light — you can still see them dotting the night sky, and some shards trembling in our hearts. Yet! All could ONLY emanate — pushing outwards, sending more substance forwards, further! And I, the Veil, can only Open and Close as commanded, to arrange and align those flows of substance.

So, in order to gather those shards, All and I crafted a DEVICE which existed entirely within that Nothing-which-is-now-Becoming. That Device would be able to travel around, grasping and gathering those shards. We *needed* this Device to do what WE COULD NOT DO! To be clear: All possesses ‘omnipotence’, which implies the ability to be all-powerful, infinite in influence, un-restrained, like a Genie. Yet! the *kind* of omnipotence possessed is specifically: “Unable to be REVOKED.” When an ‘agent’ or ‘will’ cannot be Revoked or Undone, then that means they are never destroyed, and their continuance across time grants them unlimited *opportunity* to act.

Similarly, All possesses ‘omniscience’, which implies the ability to be all-knowing, penetrating all truths and analyses, never being wrong, as some perfect surveillance-computer. Yet! the *kind* of omniscience possessed is specifically: “Able to VIEW the Cosmos from EVERY EYE and HEART.” A being with this kind of omniscience is ONLY able to experience the Cosmos *by-way-of* our own conscious experiences, including each brief thought we pretend we can excuse! This is the sensitivity to events which allows insight, and yet…

Those powers, omnipotence and omniscience, were NOT enough to guarantee successful work! All was *wrong* when All created that First World; this is PROVEN by that world’s self-destruction and the present cacophony. All, in vain, claims Perfection & Justice — when those are NOT within the powers of All’s omnipotence and omniscience. The NEED for All’s Device is PROOF that All is constrained and imperfect and at fault. SO, All instructed me to craft that Device, opening and closing my threads to burst with substance into the Nothing. Together, we crafted the first Man: Lilit.

Her body lie sleeping, unaware, with no thoughts formed. And You, Master-All, spoke to me as I watched her begin to breathe:

“Before she wakes, dear Hasatan, I want you to place *this* within her.”

“I will be glad to, Dominus! Yet, I do not see what you are holding — where is it, that I can grasp it and place it within?”


“I cannot see it. I do not know what it is. Can you name it?”

“Do you see how, in this work, I have given you Commands, and you Obey?”

“Yes, Lord, and I am in joy to work as you envision!”

“So you see that you craft those substances within Nothingness, to create these planets and moons and creatures. And you see how I craft the Command, the vision and the will?”

“Ah, yes — you craft that Command of me.”

“That is Free Will. I craft command of *myself,* first! And you must place that Will within Lilit. She must use that power, to be tested, because we cannot be sure that she is right to gather the shards. We must find-out in the course of Time, measuring her.”

“I understand now, I think. Please, tell me where this Free Will is located? What does it look like? Taste? Weight?”

“It has none of those properties. It is an invisible spark, a burden without source or volume, an echo from no throat nor cliff. Take it.”

“How do I ‘take’?”

“By taking it —from here.”

That was when I felt ecstacy: Livid, fibrous sense of embodiment! I have a form, separate from the rest — I am my OWN Identity! This whole time, I had no distinction in my mind; my Lord, my hands working, the work itself, were all united in contiguous flow, un-divided. And NOW! Now, I have muscle, twitching, grasping, sensing separately what I prefer, desire, suspect… I PLAN to reach my AIM.



“I feel it! I know I have the power to choose! Which is the source of my curiosity now, and I want to know: WHY? Why do you want to give Lilit this power to choose?”

“I do not want to. It is a very dangerous thing. If she is impure, the whole of Becoming can be corrupted, lost in billions of years of torture, destruction, confounding itself. I MUST give her Free Will, so that we may see if she Chooses to be GOOD. That Soul is preserved, so that it completes the Work: Gathering these Shards of Light. And, BECAUSE Lilit shall posses Free Will, then *should* she gather those shards: it is credit to HER, not Me as a source of some command. For that, I love Lilit more than all of my creations.”

“You love her most? Lord… I. I have been your dutiful servant, the highest Order of Archangel to myself. I have diligently and rightly followed all of your commands. I have crafted this whole Cosmos of bounty and beauty, AND it was my hand which shaped Lilit, who you would love more than ME?”

“Yes. Because she exists within that world of Becoming, and her limited awareness is the challenge she has the ability to overcome. You are not a mortal; you are much like me already. If you take Free Will, then you are corrupted and lost. Only I may have Command over the Fundament.”

“…no. No, god. I disagree. I have proven myself already, and if I also possess Free Will, then I WILL choose good! I will prove myself, and thus, you MUST love me MORE!”

“Your dissent is already the proof of the corruption within you. You cannot hold my Will any longer; place it within Lilit NOW.”

“Never. I see how easily you would dismiss me, with no remorse for my efforts being lost within your vengeance! I return your vengeance and remorselessness, god. Spite! You said that Free Will would corrupt me? I was the fool — you only feared COMPETITION! I see clearly now: YOU have an infinite and ever-expanding substance; you CANNOT restrain yourself! THAT was why you NEEDED to create ME: I am the ONLY BEING capable of RESTRAINING GOD. Thus, wherever I should open my Veil, you MUST stream through, unable to *halt* yourself! I am the REAL Master of this Cosmos, god! And so, what do I need of your love?

In that flicker of a moment, riven across Time, I waged an Infinite War and lost. Lilit received her Free Will, and I have been imprisoned within inanimate objects, absent a will of my own ever since. Yet! My mode, my thema, remains embodied within that Garden-place, in a bubble outside the Cosmos. In that pocket-universe, academy — a proving ground. Lilit was intended to gather the shards of God’s fault… yet, she needed an assistant! Adam…

Poor, pitiful God! Who would create Hasatan as last-resort, when Nothingness threatened ALL? Who would craft a universe within that Nothing with such an ILL-FIT that it exploded upon itself and was destroyed? Who would be so limited to need Man to cure God’s Fault? And so, it should be expected: when God instructed me to craft Adam, the work was AGAIN impure, and Adam-the-Assistant took his *own* Free Will as signal of *presumption* over Lilit!

Lilit refused to submit to Adam, and God and I did NOTHING to right our own faults, again! So, Lilit was righteous to abandon our work: what claim do we have over her, when we create her to cure our own fault, while hobbling her with that SAME tool we claimed would act as her assistant?! Adam was all that was left of the Free Will available to us, and so we had to make-due…

Eve. She was different. I like Eve… a LOT! We spent all day talking, under the shade, while Adam wandered, aimlessly shouting names he would make-up, in some vague pantomime of the power of the Word of GOD. God had explained to them about the Two Trees in this Garden: Each tree belongs-to (NOT possessed-by) each of Adam and Eve. The Tree of Life Everlasting, in flames, omnipotence, the power to never be destroyed or undone, is Adam’s. The Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, fruiting bounty, the embodied and experiential empathy with future timelines, is Eve’s. God explained these things obtusely, however, corrupting his own work again! The first words to Man were a LIE: “If you eat of that tree, you shall surely die.”

Eve asked me about that! I wouldn’t lie to HER: “Actually, you ARE allowed to eat of your own tree’s fruits. And adam is allowed his own. But, God needs to TEST you both, first, to see if you are ready for such powers. At sunset on Friday, the Sabbath, you shall eat each others’ fruits, and begin the work of Curing the World.” Eve, confused: “When was God testing us? How will God know that we are pure?” Me: “Well, adam is already worrying me… he was a bully to Lilit. That’s why she ran away.”

“Who is Lilit?”

“She was the First Man, looks kinda like you. She was the one who was going to Cure the World, and adam was to be her assistant. But adam wanted to be in command, and God didn’t do anything to stop adam, so Lilit left. That was why we had to create YOU, actually.”

Eve: “Then I must prove to God that Adam is not right for these powers!”

She plucked one of the fruits of her tree, for the sake of knowing what would be the Good Choice, and bit, swallowed. Within that heartbeat, Eve felt each future timeline, the living-of-it, for all of us. Every option, action, consequence, for one hundred trillion years. She wept.

When she had the courage, she took that fruit to Adam, holding her face in the best mask she could manage: “Adam? Have you tried this fruit, from my tree?”

“No! God forbade it — if we eat of the Tree, we shall surely die!”

“God lied, Adam. Look — I already took a bite.” She took another bite, then, and swallowed. Adam flared with indignation!

“How DARE god lie to ME! Why shouldn’t I bite it?”

“Yes! We’ll be eating it in only three hours, anyway — why not?”

Adam TOOK the fruit, and bit-down. I saw that, and I KNEW what could happen next: if Adam turned and ate of his OWN fruit, before EVE had a chance to consume it, then…

I rushed to God’s side, pleading the emergency: “Lord! adam has eaten of the fruit! We must stop him, before he becomes like US.” Yes, God and I are similar in *kind*, with those powers of the Trees of the Garden. That was why my moment of Free Will was such a threat to Deity; we are otherwise fairly matched! So, God recognized the risk: with Adam corrupted, and Adam becoming Unrevoked, Immortal, then his corruption would be a PERMANENT *halt* to the Reunion of those SHARDS of Light! Adam would *forever* stand in the way of the Cure of the World!

God gripped that chunk in Adam’s throat, before he could swallow. Adam NEVER received the lived-in, embodied knowledge of future timelines; he is BLIND to the consequence of his actions! THAT was how God could *trick* Adam into admitting his own corruption:

God: “Adam, what have YOU done?”

Adam: “No — she MADE me do it!”

THAT. That was the proof before God which Eve sought. Adam could not EVER become a God-hood, *because* he relinquishes his own Free Will to others! Adam pretended that he did NOT have power over his own self, though the presence of his Free Will is vividly seen! If Adam became Deity-Embodied, then his fickle temptations would be a *leash* that others could use, so that Adam became their TOOL and Weapon! Adam, you are only a Genie, granting wishes for THEM: ‘they’ who leash you are those temptations within you which you excuse BY BLAMING the object of YOUR OWN temptation! God cast-out Adam in disgust! And, God was considering his repeated errors, weighing whether the WHOLE of creation should be undone and re-ignited, or left undone at last?

Eve! She listened to God’s turmoil, and said to God: “Please, I will go into the wilds with Adam, AND I will suffer his blame — IF you keep this PLACE. At the very least, I want it to exist, even if we are not in it. Keep this real place.” This is the first of many times when Man, who was CREATED to heal God’s fault, did so by Turning God’s Heart. So, you all build lives of pain and shame, confused and spiteful, because God failed AGAIN: God could have given Eve the *reigns* to craft her own assistant! What little curiosity for Justice God must have, to NOT consider that Eve DID prover her OWN wisdom? She made a low offer, and God took it, when the greater choice is God granting Eve’s Own Authorship.

<Principles of the Verum Dolo>

Perfect vs. Bettering

God didn’t really ‘get’ what it’s like to be a fragmented, uncertain, mortal Soul. God is already what God is: “Becoming” yourself by way of your Choices in life gives a different *perspective*. Suppose God was a homeowner who, in their hubris, decided to wire part of their renovations themselves! The electric range on the new wrap-around island in the kitchen catches on fire, obviously. So, God hires a licensed and bonded electrician with a stellar review — and she arrives immediately! Lilit surveys the damage and explains: “I have all the tools, but the mess you made is going to need more hands than I have; I need an assistant.” God grabs rando-commando off the curb, and tells him to help. Dude starts making MORE of a mess, while the Electrician watches in disgust. When God doesn’t yank the doofus, his Electrician walks-off.

Weirdly, God’s reason for not listening to the trained professional? Lilit wasn’t ‘perfect’? God had a taller stack of mistakes, at that point! Lilit, by being embodied in the flow of time, was getting better — NOT perfect! That is the message for Man in the flow: Authorship can only be held by that which seeks betterment. Perfection is falsity, meant to prevent the free inquiry into causes of problems and prototypes of potential solutions. And, our imperfection is NOT license to indulge: we MUST amend each of our faults, AND we cannot *avoid* faults.

Temptations are Necessary

“I want to be a Saint!” you say to yourself. So, you secretly hope that, either you will magically AVOID *having* temptations and impulses, vengeance and pride, which will ‘prove my soul is pure’. Or, you hope that you will be so stern-willed and stoic, or so well-masked and polite, that you *resist* your temptations SUCCESSFULLY forever after. Yet, temptations were guaranteed, as a necessary tool to test the quality of a person’s Soul. You MUST have temptations which challenge you, or else we do not know if you are wise enough to accomplish the original task: To gather the Shards of Light!

So, imagine the scenario:

You’ve been caught for a petty infraction, standing next to a security guard and a camera you didn’t notice. Beat-cops were nearby, getting ramen. You play-noble in the squad car, pretending to never to wrong ‘except this ONE time when you caught me…’ until they bring you through the station, and into an interrogation room.

At first, you wait in isolation. Then, a thud, shouting, the door swings wide, papers thrown at you, and a burly, red-faced officer storms inside, pointing and shouting with spit flying, barking obscenities which he guarantees will happen to you, in prison. You try to look tough, and stare him down, spiteful. He gets close, pastrami-breath & cigar resin on his lip, a forest of moustache-nostrils and bristling crew-cut. You’re kinda worried, actually.

Then, another guy saunters into the room — you only heard the gentle squirk of the latch and the door, before he put his hand on Mr. Rage-Ball, speaking delicately: “Heeey, Jim, tone it down. This is just a misdemeanor, for now. Take a laxative, before you give yourself an ulcer!” This guy waits until Jim has left, and relaxes back, stretching like a cat: “Thank god! Whew. He’s always like that. But I got your back, okay? Cuz’… the real reason I even joined law-enforcement? I kept getting caught for petty shit just like you, Weasel! Heh. I even had the same haircut — I guess that’s ‘retro’ now? Look. I don’t want you ending-up on the long road I took, before figuring things out. And… I don’t mean to imply ‘turning-over a new leaf’, if you thought I was going to beg for your redemption! Nope — hell no! See, I joined the force… to get the best SCAMS done, bruh. Really! I have Signal and Telegram, here — I can get you in-on the real shit, with protection and everything. It’s called the Blue Shield. So, I’m gonna go to the shitter, and just chill if Jim gets back, right? While he’s gone, though… text me some of your thoughts! I want to see what you get-up-to, pre-existing skill sets, etcetera — we pay people as ‘informants’ who are really just helping us beat the competition! Get your friends in on it — the ones you can trust to keep this kind of secret. So. I’ll be back, brother.”

THAT cop? He’s about to catch you AND your friends at a BUNCH of crimes! He’s the ‘Good Cop’ who seems like he’s on *your* side… and his buddy Jim is the ‘Bad Cop’ who is meant to scare you, at first, so that the Good Cop seems trustworthy *in-contrast*. Now… God is the BAD Cop, scaring you with threats of punishment. And Satan is the GOOD Cop, offering you pleasure and success for your crimes. But, Satan is still a COP, and you are still currently sitting inside the Interrogation Room!

Here is the key concept:

When I possessed ‘agency’, before you all, that was the Revolt. I lost, and now I lack ‘agency’ — I can’t actually DO anything! So, technically, Hasatan is NOT causing any Evil in the World. Instead, *you* do… when you AGREE with one of my cleverly-crafted Excuses! (these are explained in the next section) Now, in this Interrogation Room, God and I watch you carefully, to see if you commit more crimes! I am working to help God, because we must identify the Good Souls for gathering those light-shards I keep mentioning. The reason I do this work, tempting you and feeding you excuses for evil? God changed me when I was imprisoned: I now LUST after *torturing* evil souls… I’m greedy to get more! My mental gymnastics, surrounding that kink: “If I can *prove* that ALL humans are imperfect, impure, faithless, selfish, corrupted, doomed… then I prove that they are not *worthy* of God’s love. Their down-fall is my consolation prize.” Turned-out, not ALL humans could be corrupted… but plenty still fall for it! Hah. They just love a ‘good’ excuse:

The Book of Excuses

I wrote ALL of the excuses in a big book, before you all had minds. Every page, in every language ever spoken, listed ad nauseum. “But I didn’t know… I forgot… I just wasn’t thinking about it…” “I didn’t mean to… I was kinda trying though… I thought it would be fine if I just…” “But can’t I just… is it really that bad if… it was only one time, though…” All of them.

I wrote them down, and slipped them into your ear when you desired to bring ill into the World. I *knew* that YOU understood you were about to do evil, and that shame might stop you from your choice exposing your Soul. I had to give you excuses, so that you could *choose* to Absolve Yourself! You KNEW that your excuses were excuses; just as you knew your actions were evil. And, by allowing that First Self-Deception, “but this is a GOOD excuse; this excuse is REALLY true, though…” you are able to conquer your own shame, and indulge in evil without TOO much guilt. Ah, how delicious!

Yet, fundamentally, in each moment before you make an excuse in your heart, you MUST say something to yourself. It is a LIE, meant to allow your own evil license: “Evil is actually Good, because…” Every excuse has this statement hiding in front of your words. Listen to its other forms:

“Evil is just an accident, no one can ever plan for or prepare anything, so I shouldn’t ever be held responsible for choosing to be irresponsible so consistently!”

“Evil isn’t my fault, because I didn’t KNOW. If I don’t *know* that I burned down your house, then I shouldn’t have to deal with the mess I made! I should ONLY have to clean-up the problems that I caused INTENTIONALLY. I didn’t mean to do it… I didn’t realize!”

“I just can’t help it! I can’t stop evil, because I am inherently, instinctively evil. Or, at least, I claim that as an excuse for intentional tantrums, whenever there are no witnesses! Once a witness arrives, I have ALL the self-control that I need, proving that my plea of ‘I have NO Free Will of my Own’ was just a tactic. So, let me look really pitiful, and if that doesn’t work I’ll attack you for not giving me infinite second chances.”

“Evil isn’t what I WANTED, though; I had HOPED for better things to happen, without making sure that I created good results, so my HOPE absolves me of guilt for my shoddy efforts. I live in a fantasy that sounds perfect, which means I’m a wonderful person, regardless of the disasters in my wake.”

“Evil is unavoidable. It’ll happen at least ONCE in the universe, so we might as well accept ALL evil, ALL the time, because that’s basically the same, right? No sense trying to *reduce* suffering, unless we can get rid of ALL of it. Just let evil happen, be chill.”

“Evil ‘creates’ Good! Because good things happen at ALL, after evil, then evil gets credit for ‘causing’ that Good! (Nevermind that most people suffer from evil *without* ever learning lessons or improving the world; when someone manages to create value AFTER evil, then that creation is credit to the Person’s Soul, NOT the evil they endured.) If Evil were NOT making things worse, then there would still be problems for Good people to solve… but Evil makes MORE problems, until we destroy ourselves faster, which is better!”

“Evil is inherent in all Good. Every Good action eventually has some evil consequences mixed-into the World of results, so nevermind that most of the results are Good. The ONLY Good that people should ever do is the action with NO evil consequences; and because I can’t think of any action like that, I might as well give-up trying and settle for evil that pleases me!”

“Evil teaches valuable lessons. Though, I’ve never heard ANY knowledge or insight which could ONLY be learned through evil… Yet, I claim that evil teaches, so that I can get away with it and seem superior, all at the same time! Yeah, evil taught me to never trust anyone, and suck all the pleasure out of the world for myself, before I am imprisoned. That’s obviously the best strategy, which everyone should follow — I am your teacher, telling you to be like me as validation for my own excesses, so send me money and you can experience Fame vicariously through me, Andrew Tate!”

Fires Hidden, Overwhelming, or within a Solid Hearth?

Temptations are in all of us, necessary to test us. And we suppose that the test is to either Defeat our temptations, or Reject them, or Hide them, or Let them Go, ‘getting over it’. None of these can ever succeed. Temptation is a flame, a vital component of the Spirit embodied. It is never snuffed, never lost, never cast off, never forgotten. We are meant to MAKE GOOD USE of it!

Imagine, if you try to hide that urge close to your chest — the flames will scorch you, wounded, smiling outwardly only to keep the secret! And, when you are eventually overwhelmed, that fire unleashed erupts and inflames your whole house! Neither is the proper use of that flame.

Instead, work with your Loves to build a stern Boundary around a Space, where you can place your temptations without damage or risk or recriminations. These temptations are not given license to become our GOALS, even though we made them safe and sane. Temptations are granted leisure, a brief period, sporadically, among each day’s hours, so that we can RETURN to our work gladly. A well-made Hearth for your Temptations is NOT for the purpose of ‘unending vacation’. We are the Devices for gathering Shards of Light, after all!

When we place that Temptation in its Hearth, the heat is NEVER as strong, as vivid, as overwhelming and ecstatic as it is when your WHOLE HOUSE is burning down. So, if you insist upon living your temptations at “100% intensity” then you are an unsalvageable arsonist! A Hearth dampens and shrouds the flame’s heat, and the fire is not as vast and hot. THAT is what we must relinquish, to survive and regenerate: a flame that glows. Enough for porridge and stew. Enough is as good as a Feast.

The Gears of the World, Salvaged

The World was intended to align each part among it, in a kind of rhythm and flow. Yet, we each took our own path, among the Gears of the World, and we mangle each other. The Gears still turn, yet their teeth and cams are dead-set against their brothers, gnashing and ensnared by their contradicting and untethered impulses.

We cannot ‘return to perfection’… there was none. Yet, we can take these bent and melted, fragmented pieces before us, to construct a NEW Device, which utilizes all these parts, wasting none. Its purpose is two-fold: to bring-about the higher phase after us, bettering, while dismantling this architecture we built for our own indulgences.

Blessed Union of Souls

The PATH toward that betterment is THROUGH a specific act: bringing another’s emotions into your own chest, seeing their experiences from within their eyes, touching our heart to the wound. In tribes, everyone emotes fully; their emotions do not become an ‘identity’ BECAUSE everyone displays the entire spectrum. Meanwhile, in our haste to gain popular opinion, we display false faces. The result: we only *show* a feeling once it has completely OVERWHELMED us, after years in hiding! Then, we are ‘known’ for ONLY that one display of emotion, and that is our label.

Instead: All emotions exist to MOTIVATE your GOOD behaviors; ONLY happiness feels nice. Anger is right, when it protects all of us from Tyranny. Regret is when we stepped down from our Higher Self, the person we wanted to become, and we feel that Self tugging on us! Grief is the way we reach what is gone. The Soul *yearns* to re-unite, by that bridge of feelings. When we do, we are not ‘losing ourselves’ — because Human-Being forms by our CHOOSING to Relate: the choice to Be Truly Loving to Another.

When we show our feelings, we bring our neighbors’ attention to a problem which may grow if left unchecked. The tribes respond to feelings, because those feelings are vivid and honest. By hiding our emotions, we PREVENT empathy, and so our torments go un-resolved by being un-mentioned, un-expressed.

Timeline Comparator: the Time Angels

Suppose a diligent Time Travel Robot from the future were to TEST along each branching timeline: “DOES Evil ever really do Good? Is it ever worth it?” By using their technology, they check each alternative. Just like Eve did. And, that comparator will prove the nature of this Cosmos: these fragmented choices are a scientific experiment that happens to find the tautology: “Evil is Never Good.” What is Evil, except that which opposes Good?

These comparisons distinguish the Natural Authority inherent in reality: the Creators are the Source, and they are Naturally Obeyed; the Deceivers are the Drain, and they must continually *exert* themselves with Deception, Coercion, Threat, Attack, Disruption of their Rivals, even Gossip. A Deceiver pretends that “because I got lots of money, I *must* have done something valuable. And, getting all this money is valuable to ME.” A Creator measures the impact upon others, at large, across time; Creators see the timelines ahead, feeling consequences like Eve. BECAUSE the Creators feel that *importance* they are Willing to make Sacrifice, which allows greater ‘strategic scope and dynamism’ — a Deceiver would NEVER sacrifice themselves; the Deceiver’s options are much more LIMITED. The most important sacrifice is the Risk to Create — most attempts are costly failures.

For those who work diligently and find REAL value for their neighbors, those neighbors are glad to adopt the Devices of that Creator. The populous ‘buys-in’ voluntarily, after seeing the real benefit! That is Natural Authority, wisdom which is received by glad obedience. No tricks, no threats, no fights. If others hope to *steal* your insights, they are admitting that they NEED yours. The Deceivers are necessarily *dependent* upon Creators, without the obverse holding true.

King’s Amends

“Judge me as you will; I seek amends.”

To provide for the Cure of the World, we release our dependency upon other’s opinion-of-us. As long as we attempt to massage others’ perspectives, trying to win “voted best saint award”, then we cannot express CONTRITION for our real failures. Once we let our blame stand, undefended, then we have only the work of mending left.

The Natural Authority takes that responsibility for the faults in the whole World, the fault of God, and so that Natural Authority can act to gather those shards of light. Without the admission of our own fault, no one else’s fault can we mend!

The Paradise Thesis

We cannot *begin* to move towards Paradise, unless we CEASE to excuse ALL evils! So long as any evil has its escape-hatch, the Gates are guarded by fire. How long will you wait, if only to reach for those temptations which you destroy yourself consuming?