Losing Human Nature

Anthony Repetto
7 min readFeb 26, 2024


~ genetics is telling us something…bad ~

If I scoop-out a fifth of your brain, might your *behavior* change? When Phineas Gage got a pipe through his brow, he became angry and impulsive. Same happens to many victims of repeated head trauma — impulsive, violent crimes are almost always committed by people who are suffering from violent brain damage. And, if you actually LOST a FIFTH of your brain, you might have more trouble focusing, thinking-through all the steps, noticing when two thoughts in your head are paradoxical or counter-valent… just the stuff you need, in order to avoid lots of painful mistakes!

So, bad news: Humans have lost a fifth of our brains, in ONLY the last 5,000 years. Our intelligence is still dropping today — the trend has not stopped, and it is a downslope that is some 30 TIMES steeper than our hundreds of thousands of years of brain GROWTH. That means: we had BIGGER brains, when folks were building the Pyramids. The city-states of would-be Babylon were ruled for a few THOUSAND years, BEFORE brains began to shrink. We had already been farming for 7,000 years, without brain-shrinkage. WTF?!? WHAT began happening 5,000 years ago, to coincide with Brain-Derp?

The Yamnaya. Who? The descendants of two men in Russia, 5,000 years ago, who began a spree of rape and genocide that killed ALL other male lineages across Russia AND Europe — in ONLY Three HUNDRED years. Yes, they systematically killed ALL other men, and raped all the women. They practiced a eugenics policy that is written in our DNA:

  1. Kill all native men
  2. Rape all native women
  3. Kill any women who fought-back

As a result, the Matriarchies in every country were replaced by a Rape-Cult… er, sorry, I mean ‘Patriarchy’. Babylonians were following the wise, far-sighted commands of the High Priestesses of Innana, until the band of thugs led by Gilgamesh raped and killed all the Priestesses, declaring himself ‘God-King’. Gilgamesh was literally a crime-boss, extorting locals and raping a different girl every night… BEFORE ‘becoming’ king.

Same in Egypt: the Pharaoh was whoever the PRINCESS CHOSE to marry… until the Pharaoh usurped the Queen’s power, and commanded his own daughter to marry her brother. That led to inbreeding, and stuff.

Same in northern India, with the Harrapan — a peaceful empire (NO WALLS!) was wiped-out after climate and water crises weakened them. The barbarian invaders who raped and killed whenever they saw the chance? We have their DNA — Yamnaya. And what did those local Indians say these invaders called themselves? “Aryan” huh.

So, the ORIGINAL Arian Rape-Eugenicists… are the SAME folks who invented and installed the Patriarchies. And they executed a horrifically stupid and short-sighted EUGENICS policy, killing women who showed LEADERSHIP.

And, wherever the Yamnaya-Arians went, populations AND TECHNOLOGY collapsed. The largest human settlements that we’ve ever found, from 5,000 years ago… were completely depopulated for the next 1,000 years, once the Yamnaya-Arians arrived. The Minoans, another famous Matriarchy, had indoor plumbing… and it took the Romans 2.5 THOUSAND years to imitate those Wise Women!

Now, those same bruhs claim to be ‘Proud’ of something… by pointing to their lineage. Actual inventor here, to tell you: when a PERSON has REAL accomplishments in their OWN life, they point to THOSE accomplishments’ VALUABLE OUTCOMES for their fulfillment. That’s like a Champion, who gets to Wear the Laurels of Triumph. Yet, if the *last* time you won anything was Varsity High School… and you STILL talk-up that long-ago victory, while Today You’re Bunk: that is called ‘resting on your laurels.’ The Proud Boy Arians, meanwhile, want to rest on SOMEONE ELSE’S laurels, when they say “I MUST be smart, because my relatives CAME from a country where a SMART person lived, a while ago… so, I’m basically the same as a Smart Person, though I have no accomplishments of my own.” Exactly the same trope is used, in their Manosphere Mental-Masturbations: “A tiny percentage of the total number of men in the past ever did anything important… which makes men important… and I’m a man, so it’s basically the same as me creating ALL of civilization! I get credit for civilization, see!” Proud Boys’ leader put a Go-Pro on a dog collar as his ‘disruptive new business he started,’ and that’s their biggest claim to valuable results?! Go Check!

Now-a-days, those same Aryan Tate-Sucklers in the Manosphere want their followers to believe that “women are *naturally* irrational and impulsive, and they need a dominant man to lead them.” Well, that only BECAME true, sometimes, after Aryan Rape-Warlords killed all the Matriarchs.

Those same Tate-lusters complain that ‘everyone is getting stupid and submissive’… Well! That’s because those same Rapists consistently killed intelligent, strong women. Darwin will tell you that, if you end their lineages, then of course ALL their children will be worse-off.

A poignant example from history:

Augustus the Strong was a nobleman in Germany a few hundred years ago. He saw the Porcelain Trade entering Europe from China, and how much money they made… he wanted to make his own! But Augustus knew that he was a muscle-neck idiot who couldn’t invent anything — he only knew how to HURT people. So, he asked-around to find the best chemist in Germany… to have that chemist AND his family kidnapped.

Augustus the Strong kept that nameless chemist in his dungeon, and said “I will torture your family in front of you… until you invent porcelain.” So, after ELEVEN Years, that genius chemist (who already had some accomplishments) was able to RE-invent porcelain (which didn’t really matter, as far as science goes — it’s only ‘valuable’ TO the guy who MAKES MONEY by keeping it a SECRET). That was when Augustus had the chemist AND his family killed. Augustus made so much money, he could afford a dozen wives, and he had MORE than ONE HUNDRED CHILDREN.

Darwin is shaking his head. “The Genius Chemist AND his ENTIRE lineage were taken OUT of the gene-pool. Meanwhile, a rapist thug Aryan STOLE work that wasn’t even of Scientific Merit, in order to EXTORT normal people with that SECRET.” The Rapist proliferated, and most German ‘nobility’ doesn’t want you to know that they, too, are descendants of rapist thieves, NOT GENIUS INVENTORS. That is ‘the Worst Eugenics Policy Possible’ — check the dictionary! Thank the Aryans, the dumb pricks.

But, how bad is it, really?

We lost a fifth of our brains. And, while we WERE Matriarchal around the globe for 300,000 years, which is Proof of those Womens’ Character… now, in contrast, a substantial slice of women alive claim to ‘secretly want a man to push me against the wall and have HIS WAY with me.’ THAT desire in women today MUST NOT have existed in the women from 6,000 years ago, nor the women from 200,000 years ago. For humanity to have been so persistently, so overwhelmingly Matriarchal — women in those times must NOT have ‘desired a criminal bad boy.’ Tribal hunter-gather societies today will still, poignantly, KILL that bad boy before he becomes an adult, because that’s when he can breed and cause more problems.

Matriarchy thinks 7-generations ahead. That’s not the same as a 40 year old who wants to be pampered ‘like a princess’. Human Nature has been modified by a Rape Cult, *selecting* for women who seek-out Criminality and the Abuser Cycle.

And, because that selection occurred across entire continents, over the course of thousands of years, then we will NOT see ‘one gene’ for any of the Abuser-selective behaviors (“As soon as he likes me, I lose interest. But if he’s mean to me, I HAVE to get him.” “If he doesn’t follow my demands, then he doesn’t really love me… but if he follows my demands, then he’s weak, and I’m more interested in the hot agressor.” “He has to push his way into my life, like a rapist, or else he’s not confident and manly enough.” etc.)

Rather, we should expect certain alleles (gene-variants) which were PREVIOUSLY rare from 300,000 to 4,000 BC to have become *somewhat* more common, today. Each of the gene-buckets gets a different allele, like the economy filling ‘roles’. Your ‘burger shop’ gene might have ‘Carl’s Jr.’ or ‘Wendy’s’ as its alleles from your parents. If some alleles become more common, among the TOTAL population, then they have ‘gained market share.’

I expect that, as we compare modern humans to the remains of the Matriarchal societies of only 6,000 years ago, we will find one to two *hundred* genes which predominantly impact gut, fetal hormone signaling, and neurochemistry. Those alleles were PUT inside us by the Rape-Eugenicists, accidentally. And, because each of those alleles increased its ‘market share’ by ONLY 3% to 10%, that IS actually PLENTY — now, the *chances* of a person having 5, or 10, or 20 of these rape-lust genes, inside the SAME person, stacking-up… are MANY times more common than they were in tribal societies.

Stanley Milgram’s “Teacher-Learner” Experiment was the most poignant metric of how far our own Genetically-Modified Impulses have shifted, compared to Tribal Hunter-Gatherer Matriarchies: today, in our civilization which is 60% Yamnaya… there is also, coincidentally, 60% of the population who is willing to KILL, so long as someone ELSE takes the BLAME. Similar research finds that 60% rate for many other kinds of criminality and violence, vice and deceit: in games testing willingness to lie, roughly a third of the population in our Western, Yamnaya-zone PLANS to lie. And another third lies ONCE they start to lose. Only a third of the population has a *low* enough incidence of rape-cult alleles, to *avoid* being evil-in-secret.

We MUST bring-back the Matriarch Bones. You go ahead and live your life. Everyone who wants Good Nature to return: use CRISPR-cas9 to alter the specific alleles BACK to ‘Human, 4,000 BC.’ That is NOT a long time ago; it’s barely 1% of the history of anatomically-identical homo sapiens sapiens. Our brains were at their MAXIMUM in the region of time 10,000 years ago, so that should help. Our children will NOT be perfect; Gilgamesh was born in a Matriarchy, too. Yet, we will not ALL be so incomparably stupid and selfish, secretive and vindictive, raping and lusting after rapists. I don’t see how we survive technology, unless we become decent HUMANS again.