Oracular Blood

~ when A.I. finds the genes for forecasting ~

Photo by Antônia Felipe on Unsplash

Forecasters assess the likelihood of future events. Sites currently let them trade in their predictions, gaining a track-record that demonstrates their competency. And yet, what source grants this power of theirs? Imagine a day not too long from now, with some of the best forecasters’ genetic samples fed to an A.I., hunting for correlations in their epigenetics and alleles. What if there was one? A gene, or even a certain arrangement of inhibitor-switches, which spurs cogent assessment of the future. An oracle-injection. And, with the findings of microtubules’ potential role in a quantum consciousness, it’s worth remembering an idea from quantum physics: retro-causality. Crudely, the possibilities of the present are subtly constrained by the futures which haven’t happened yet — causality, in reverse. Might those forecasters be right, because they’re really seeing it? And, if we could cultivate that capacity, might we dodge the extinctions looming over us, as we escape this sun?



Easily distracted mathematician

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