Politicians vs. Statesmen

Anthony Repetto
2 min readFeb 23, 2024


~ the real political battlefield ~

Key Points:

Politicians are fighting for Their Team, so that Their Team can win power. They need to KEEP being re-elected, so that Their Team can maintain that dictatorship in their district. “Vote for me, or else the OTHER Team gets dictatorship!

Statesmen, in contrast, are OFFERING themselves, personally, in SERVICE to the Entire Country. When a Statesmen serves, they are loathe to run for a second, third, fourth term — because each time they ask the public for ‘another chance’, they are implicitly admitting that “I was NOT able to solve those problems, because I am not as competent as I claimed. Do you trust me, AFTER my incompetence, to continue serving in the government?” Political Teams have been dictators of their respective State Houses for generations… so they have NO ONE ELSE to BLAME for their incompetent ‘need’ to ‘be elected for another term… because we failed at the first one.’

I do NOT regard a candidate as ‘worthy of being dictator’ BECAUSE they agree with me on issues I find important. Imagine if those politicians had horns, wings, and cloven hooves, and they said in a hissing, smarmy, cunning tone: “I agreeeeee with you! On ALLL the issues you care about. I’ll even pass ONE or TWO laws that you wanted… so that my brother-on-the-other-side-of-the-aisle can repeal them later. That way, you keep voting for BOTH of us! See, I AGREEEEE — doesn’t that mean you HAVE to make me Dictator? Vote for me, or my brother-demon will be dictator, instead — and we each ONLY protect the ones who vote for US.” I don’t fall for cons, demon.

George Washington was a Statesman. Biden, Trump, Newsom, McConnell, are ALL Politicians. Don’t trust anyone who wants to ‘stay in power’ — only vote for those who Offer Service, for the brief period needed to accomplish their goal of service to the Entire Country. Otherwise, as Ben Franklin mentioned, *you* will be at fault when Democracy falters.