Prophecy Resonator

Anthony Repetto
3 min readFeb 24, 2024


~ cymatics at the cosmic scale feeds retrocausal resonators ~

Photo by Floraf on Unsplash

If I vibrate a drum-head by placing a subwoofer underneath, while laying fine sand atop the drum, then that sand will naturally form patterns as I transition from deep to screeching musical frequencies. Each frequency of sound will automatically regenerate its own pattern, even if you wipe it away; every jostle of sound causes the sand to settle into the same pattern, again! That is called Cymatics.

So, we know of Gravitational Waves, and the Extremely Low Frequency Radio Waves, as well as the thrum of Pulsars speckling the skies — might our own galaxy be feeling those vibrations in the same Cymatic resonance? Only some locations would experience that “forever re-emerging” pattern… and those locations are a stripe within space-TIME, which means that you have to be in BOTH the right-place AND the right-time for that pattern to be fed into existence by intergalactic resonance.

And, as the notable Physicist Leonard Susskind has mentioned, the equations for Quantum Mechanics become simple and clear — IF we assume that “events in the future DO restrict the events in the present moment; the future AND the past both have causes felt now.” That is ‘retro-causality’. If we wanted to tap-into any potential future, we would need an antenna-receiver and a processor…

If my antenna were plugged into the ground, then it would have its Base at the bottom, then a long Stem reaching upwards, with multiple Boughs on either side, each Bough holding many small Leaves. That same antenna, upside-down, is a person’s Head, Spine, Limbs, Digits. We are resonators of actual, physical frequencies. The most important ones relate to our bodily functions: heart-beat, breathing, and the cadence of our natural footfalls. Yet — we also become erratic and disturbed when denied the steady humming of the Ionosphere’s electro-magnetic ‘Schumann Resonance’. The sky and the ground are literally vibrating electric potentials; our bodies are able to receive them. And! Most bodies would NOT be shaped or measured to the proper lengths and proportions; each person’s slight variations ONLY allow them to receive frequencies which resonate themselves, and the chance of that being a match for the Schumann Resonance is slim. If the Schumann resonance has an impact on mood, for example, then we should expect different moods to be amplified or suppressed, for different body-metrics. Your body-resonance might just make you permanently dissatisfied, until you live in the atmosphere of Venus!

Now, we have another thread to weave: throughout history, certain people had a habit of being correct… without any cause. Ramanujan wrote hundreds of theorems, most of them correct, WITHOUT any proof or computations! He said “beings of light show me the answers.” Whoa. And, Schrodinger (of cat-box renown) only realized the famous and essential Schrodinger Wave-Equation by sitting on a beach; in a flash, the entire equation appeared, and he wrote it down. Only back at home could he test it against the experimental data of researchers — it has been correct ever since. BOTH those insights — Schrodinger’s Wave Equation, and Ramanujan Numbers for Infinite Series — are essential to perform Quantum Mechanics!

Let me say that another way: “We would NOT have found how Quantum Mechanics works, without two random folks having flashes of Truth shown to them, just in time.” Is ‘retro-causality’ the cause of our ability to compute the quantum realm? If so, we need to study the specific shape, dimensions, and nerve chemistry of the people who tend to have such visions…

By scattering those folks across the surface of the ground, around the world, staying in their respective grid-location for extended periods, then at least some of those ‘Retrocausal Antennae’ will pick-up a signal, as the Earth spirals around the spiral of Sol’s path around our Spiral, in a Cymatic Soup.