Silicon Valley Investors Club

Anthony Repetto
1 min readFeb 16, 2024

~ casual wit, incisive commentary from interviewers… who asked me to talk! ~

from geeksforgeeks:

Jordan Thibodeau and Joe Tarnasky, the men behind SVIC Podcast, have a good thing: approachable and relatable wisdom from within the tech-whorled. I keep coming back to their videos, despite my being an easily distracted YouTube-grazer: I return with the same excitement I feel about Jannic Kilcher’s Ai-memes and Caspian Report’s political one-liners.

So, I’m a tad nervous to explain soon, under their scrutiny, how I managed to predict which Neural Network architecture would win… six years ago! Jordan has been inviting and constructive; I have no reason to feel anxious. Yet! They are the sort of conversationalists I kept *hoping* to talk to, at various tech-mixers and hacker-spaces; I relish getting into the weeds with these technorati!

You’re welcome to peruse their selection of topics, from the business and investment angle, practicalities of deployment and adoption, as well as from the tech-vision and founder-story side of things (e.g. their hot-take when Sam Altman was fired! Ooof!). Jordan kept me giggling with interest, discussing the Flawed Hero redemption of Mark Zuckerberg, just the other day! ( )

I’ll see you there!