When we are deluded, our vision is cloudy, and reality leaps out at us from the fog. A world ruled by sadists will fail to function at its utmost, and one ruled by naivete is unprepared for danger. Only a world governed by wisdom will fare best.

I cannot define wisdom, and can only refer to it tautologically: it is the way of being that surmounts all obstacles. A world ruled by wisdom will grow more sturdy than others. So, if two civilizations, traveling the stars, come into contact, the winner of dispute will tend to be whichever was wiser. Wisdom will out-reach despotism, out-body it. A colony of ants is ruled by smell, their complexity is limited by the efficiency and forethought that their means of communication allows. Wisdom hears all, gives thought to alternatives, and so it can support a larger colony, a more advanced civilization. Diversity is strength, seeing alternatives and perspectives which despots lack. Wisdom can form a body out of trillions of individuals — Leviathan, while a despot struggles to keep control of tens of millions, continually fighting itself.

With wisdom as victor, those peoples who hold to wisdom will be inheritors to the vast duration of the universe. It is as if the rules of reality where there to foster and preserve wisdom. Or, another way — wisdom is that thing which is fostered by reality. For each set of rules, a universe has its own wisdom. That wisdom is destined to overcome. Life within that wise rule is the natural state, while we in cloudy times are brief aberrations. Despots can cleave space into their dominion, but only for a little while. The universe blindsides their singular view. Wisdom sees around danger, and knows which way to step.

If each universal seed, the physical law which gives rise to being, blossoms as the wisdom which is best suited to that existence, then a universe is not measured by the corruption of the present, which is only a transitory state. The universe is measured by the quality of the wisdom that wins out over trillions of years. In that case, our reality is sublime — we live in a world where the greatest wisdom is in empathy, relating to each other. Feeling as one lifts the cloud. I cannot imagine a world where this is not the case.

Written by

Easily distracted mathematician

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